Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Future of MBA

This article was written in Business Week authored by Mihnea Moldoveanu.
I often speek with MBA students and speak with them about team leadership as well as the shift from the Industrial based leadership to Knowledge & information based leadership. Many of our college and MBA classes are rooted in the industrial revolution - command & control. A shift needs to come to a knowledge & information based worker - empower & create.

"The 'MBA phenomenon' has come under heavy fire of late. According to Henry Mintzberg, MBAs are not managers, and any program that treats its outputs as such is a fraud. More subtly, the late Sumantra Ghosal admonished that the focus of business academics on simple-minded theories that assume all human behavior is self-interested has turned these theories into self-fulfilling prophecies, and MBA programs into producers of cognitive misers who make their own dismal predictions come true....more"