Thursday, June 5, 2008

Generation Y Job Hoppers-Authoritarian Based Leadership Fears

This found on Fortune "The Gig Job-hopping Gen Yers arent Disloyal. They're Smart" authored by Nadira A. Hira

"For those of us who saw our elders give years — even decades — of service to major corporations, only to find themselves suddenly and unceremoniously jobless, corporate America often appears just as scary and unstable (and untrustworthy) as the world at large, if not more so. And whether that’s a fair characterization or not, it certainly doesn’t help when companies operate the way some of those in this New York Times story do — creating a culture of fear and distrust by, among other things, keeping employees completely out of the loop, to the point where a bounced e-mail from a now-former colleague’s work address is the first indication s/he’s gone."

Sums up many of the fears that Gen Yers have. Many of us who have been in the work world have seen the TOP SECRET messages that take place behind closed doors. The authoritarian model of Leadership has created a culture of distrust and fear - if one of the employees steps out of line termination is immediate and the termination is kept secret. The next day the rumor mill starts and no one is told why the peer was terminated. If you ask your supervisor the answer is, "S/he was not meeting corporate standards" WHAT THE F- DOES THAT MEAN.
This causes a fear culture - that authoritarian organizations feel keeps people in line. Gen Yers are smart when they feel like the ax can drop at any moment - why would you stay????