Friday, July 18, 2008

Work Habits are Personality Driven NOT Generational

This slide show was found on WorkLoveLife; it was originally posted on Slide Share.

As i watched and listened (if you look you will see the play button on the bottom of the image) many of my Generation-Y and Multi-Generational confusion became clearer. I have been struggling with the Gen-Y, Gen-X, boomer training concept and when you start to find solutions they present themselves.

The way the presentation is broken into sub-groups explained that - workplace behavior is not just generational it is personality driven. There are generational differences although I enjoyed seeing the similarities are as evident as the differences.

Understanding and avoiding stereotypes of generations can lead to a greater clarity and understanding of work places.

What is your view of this issue and slide presentation??

- Michael Cardus serves as an Adventure Consultant for Create-Learning Team Building. Mike facilitates, trains, and speaks to groups in a variety of settings including Fortune 500 Companies, small business, universities and classrooms. Currently he lives in Buffalo NY, he travels to serve your groups needs - where and when your group desires.