Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Low and High Ropes Course - can they build self-esteem?

Are ropes courses necessary for self and team development programs?? are they more effective with youth groups, corporate groups, drug & alcohol groups???

What are your thoughts??

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Counselors seem to need more training today, since teen-agers aren't growing up with "the same degree of responsibility that young people had 30 years ago," said Marge Scanlin, director of standards at the American Camping Association. The professionalization of counselor training has also arisen in response to a significant increase in lawsuits against camps, she said, adding that no numbers were available because many suits are settled out of court.

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About a quarter of all American camps now have at least one low- or high-ropes course, said Ed Schirick, a senior vice president at Markel Rhulen Underwriters & Brokers, a company in Glen Allen, Va., that insures about 2,000 camps nationwide. Because the course looks so much more dangerous than it is, children feel good about themselves when they master it, building their self-esteem, Mr. Schirick said.

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