Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What is Happiness at work?

Is happiness at work your manager or bosses responsibility? I say no - if you are searching for happiness you are going to be disappointed. Sit by your self for at least 30 minutes and attempt to list what happiness is, how you can achieve it.

This list will probably have little to nothing to do with work - happiness is a fleeting concept that work will not supply. The people who are "Happy" are generally just satisfied with what they are doing. They appear what people call happy because they are free to choose and realize that they are not going to allow themselves to be forced to forget their will. Will in the sense of choosing to have a free will. A free will is the idea of freedom - freedom is that of intelligent and free thinking beings. In order for one to be a free thinking being they must be free from the pressure of outside forces (bosses, co-workers, managers, workload) and not allow the forces outside of ones self to determine what choices are made within the work environment.

Peers who seem "Happy" are the ones who people feel choose what they wish to do - even when no choices appear present they make choices within that they can control.

Below is some advice for happiness (or the illusion) at work.

Work doesn't give your life meaning. The idea that your happiness correlates to your satisfaction with your work is misguided. What you need from work is to make sure it's not undermining your ability to create sanity in your life. Work is a way to get sanity, to make sure you are growing and you feel secure while you do it. Here's what you need from a job to get that:

  • A short, predictable commute
  • Workflow you can manage
  • Clear goals that are challenging
  • Two co-workers you're close friends with
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