Friday, October 17, 2008

Create-Learning-Team Building Article in Buffalo Business First
Mike was recently interviewed by Business First Buffalo.

When I found the paper I had a difficult time reconciling with the image on the front of the paper being me!
The clip below only shows a partial print of the interview.

I ask that you go the article (by clicking below) and write comments about your experience with Create-Learning-Team Building and me (Mike) whether it has been in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse or any part of America!
I appreciate all of your support and my dedication is to make all of us successful!

Thank you Buffalo Business First.

Along the top of the front page at Michael Cardus’ Web site is an image of a light bulb. His company’s name buttresses it in a blocky, sci-fi sort of font, the kind that might spell out “Star Trek.” On the “About Us” page is a photo of people who appear to be untangling a cluster of colorful wires.

But Cardus’ company, Create Learning Team Building, doesn’t specialize in lighting or electrical work. It does, however, on leadership development, team building and being more productive.

Communication training and collaboration between departments that need to work together are also courses Cardus teaches.

In fact, a second, closer look at the photo shows the people aren’t unknotting wires at all. They are hula hoops, contorted into a tower as part of an innovation and creativity exercise that asks participants to build the tallest structure.

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