Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ego-Inflation Blocks Communication Flow - Student leaders given more authority than needed

Working for a training and development organization that serves college students in leadership training as well as organizations that hire college students into "emergent leadership" positions I am extremely pleased to see the below post.
Student leaders are given large amounts of power to wield with little and usually no training on leadership. Once the ego enters the authoritarian leader comes into play. Statement likem "you were late to the meeting, so now we are cutting your budget!" Punitive actions.
These students leaders and student organizations would benefit from more training and development to learn communication processes and begin to understand a team philosophy of leadership and not a title of power.
One major concern that many profesors and student advisors see is that many students are over extended, many have two majors-3 to 4 minors- and serve on 4-6 student organizations.
Student advisors and college staff could help these students to close their focus and instead of "Building their resume" they should focus on making the organizations and majors be impacted positely by their presence.

Straight up: students seem more susceptible to ego-inflation, especially for positions that he or she has been voted into. Because a certain leader garnered 51% of the students that bothered to vote, that leader suddenly believes that she possesses a God-given mandate to execute upon each idea on her platform.

Sooner or later, ego begins to trump accountability and organization. Feelings start to get hurt. People start leaving the organization. If an unbridled egomaniac runs wild for long enough, the entire entity comes undone.

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