Thursday, October 23, 2008

Team Development-Processing the Experience

I have been meaning to blog about this for some time now.
I am a huge fan of Roger Greenaway and his site for active reviewing of experiential activities.

Within the field of Team Building (team development, organizational training, training and development, etc.) there are many ways that can prove to put a team asleep and lose them while you are processing the learning.
Roger's techniques for de-briefing experiential learning keeps teams awake, active, and engaged.

What Roger is a master of is creating Learning Centered processing activities of training content.
Roger has created videos - Active Learning Manual - view these videos. They apply to all trainers, executives managers, and leaders - really anyone who works with and leads a team.

I have already began implementing these active learning processing activities in my team development programs.

Training is fun and learner centered.

- Michael Cardus serves as an Adventure Consultant for Create-Learning Team Building. Mike facilitates, trains, and speaks to groups in a variety of settings including Fortune 500 Companies, small business, universities and classrooms. Currently he lives in Buffalo NY, he travels to serve your groups needs - where and when your group desires.