Tuesday, November 4, 2008

3 steps to Passionate Teams

Much literature is written about individuals although much of the same tips can be extrapolated to teams. The idea of having passionate team members creates a passionate team. With a team of people who are focused and driven innovation and creative solutions take place.
The focus on what drives you - this requires a reflection and thought process that many people claim to be too busy to find what drives them. Also, sadly, what drives people is not their work. It is what they do that is not their job, the person how organizes the company picnic etc... To find drive - focus on what when you do it you feel lost in time and your energy just flows.
Get extroverted - all people have that small, e, inside of them. I know that many people feel they are too introverted to talk and be the socialite. Although to be extroverted all you need is a small cadre of people, a team, whom you feel comfort to discuss your passion. Once you find this passion, your extrovert rears its head.
Get involved - passion, and extroversion almost pushes you into involvement.
Why are you not involved?
  • Find what drives you - focus on it and develop it.
  • Get extroverted - we all have introverted days but getting outside yourself lets you see the value you have to bring to others and vice versa.
  • Get involved - you can find something that excites you every day that you’re alive, I promise! Find it and follow it.
  • blog it