Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Praise Increases Team Work and Productivity

Found this great post with an easy to do and great way to develop measurable goals for your leadership practice.
One area that leaders say is, "Just tell me how to start".
This is it! Just start - I am a supporter of immediately measureable goals -

5 cents can be the best investment you’ll ever make in
your team.

Every day this week, put 5 cents in one pocket, in the
form of 5 pennies. Each time you give someone specific positive feedback, move a
penny to the other pocket. Each time you use all 5 of your pennies, start over
and move them to the other pocket.

Try to give at least 5 cents worth of specific positive
feedback to your team each day.

Repeat this exercise for the next 30 days. If you like to
keep score, add up how many cents you’ve shared with your team, and donate the
change you’ve made to a worthy cause, or to an office fund that your employees
can benefit from. I give my pennies to our IT FISH fund.

How else can 5 cents make such a meaningful

Your team is worth 5 cents, isn’t

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