Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Team Building What Better Time Than Now? What Better Place Than Here?

As team members that choose to stay with your organization become concerned about their longevity. This is the time to invest in a team development program that is able the harness your teams natural resources. These resources are your team! Team Building is what your team does when struggles become apparent. What are your struggles? These choices you make now will determine your teams and companies future!
Team Building without a purpose is like building sand castles on the flood plane. They stand, once your work is done, and then the surf rises all you work is washed away.
How much of your training has washed away?
What are you investing in?
Why are you not investing in keeping the people that add value?
If you do not who will?

Employees’ expectations have changed. Many people are no longer
satisfied by getting a job to earn money. Employees now interview
companies to find out what the company brings to the table in areas such as
training, benefits, work-life balance and quality of the work environment.
The new generation of workers has high expectations. Employees want to
know what skills and education they will gain to help them succeed in future
careers. This underscores the need for employee attraction and retention
strategies. Team building is one such strategy.

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