Saturday, December 27, 2008

Communication is not Jargon

Ellen Weber of Brain Leaders and Learners shares some great insight into how the use of jargon clouds communication.

Here are five brain based questions that leapfrog over jargon, and promote
richer communications:

1. What would your idea look like if we had one?
2. How does your insight
improve one practice we currently do?
3. If your idea was written into a play
what would appear on the stage?
4. How would this design be worded for a 10
year old to apply it?
5. What exactly would result if your proposal was lost
to the world?

Intelligence that’s rarely engaged in circular constructions or projected by
jargon, springs into life when words connect dendrite brain cells in high
performance minds. C.S. Lewis claimed that not many do this well, and he showed
how deep meanings - communicated well - involve
simplicity beyond
. Those who share deep ideas in understandable lingo, though,
will rarely tell you that jargon’s useful in any exchange.

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