Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lean 6 Sigma is the solution to unemployment?

I have been reading about 6 Sigma trainings for the unemployment boom, especially here in Western New York.
This concerns me - classroom training vs. on the job experience - this varies greatly amongst Lean 6 Sigma training organizations.
My worry is this - if we have an overflowing market of Lean 6 Sigma specialist this is going to create a market approach where the certification will not mean very much for the people who have the practical experience.
Unlike physicians or other highly trained professions that require application of theory with hands on experience (theoretical and practical).
Many training organizations just offer the classroom of Lean 6 Sigma theory and no requirement for practical application hours. When I received my Green Belt in 6 Sigma my employer at the time required all team members trained immediately be assigned to a black belt for the practical application. I quickly found that the theoretical and practical were necessary for comprehension and effectiveness.
How many of these unemployed workers can gain the practical hours needed to be effective with the Lean 6 Sigma training while not employed?

My concern is that employers will begin to see 6 Sigma as a bidding process of the employee who is "certified" by someone will take the lowest bid.

Is Lean 6 Sigma becoming the "Fish Philosophy"?

Share your thoughts.

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So what's the harm in presenting Lean Six Sigma certification programs as a
way for currently unemployed workers to get a leg up in a tough job market? Or
any job market for that matter?

As most (if not all) experienced practitioners of Lean and Six Sigma have
learned, there is a huge difference between learning the tools and concepts of
Lean and Six Sigma and actually applying them in a real business setting, with
real people, real (usually messy) data, solving real business problems. In my
own experience, running a correct MSA, ANOVA or DOE is far less challenging than
working through the politics and organizational challenges to create sustained
improvements. And this is not something that one can really learn in the
classroom or through an online course. It has to be experienced first hand. In
this way, our field is no different than any other. The theory is important to
know, but in the end, it's the practical outcome that matters most.

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