Sunday, February 8, 2009

Facilitating Team Building in Uncertainty

A great post by Cindy Diamond of Ideas for Great Facilitation.

Most of today’s organizations function in a team setting. These may be cross
functional or functional internal teams, client service teams made from internal
and external service providers, or other member compositions. Stability is
an essential component to the success of these teams. Why? Because teams go
through many stages before they become high performing — namely: forming,
storming, norming and finally, performing. Stabilty makes teams more
efficient and effective at doing their jobs.

In today’s recessionary, lay-off laden environment, stability is simply not a
reality. Does this mean organizations are going to suffer from less efficient
and less effective teams? Most likely. Now, more than ever, organizational
leadership must prioritize team building amongst it’s highest goals or risk
suffering an even greater setback from the loss of team members and the
environment of uncertainty we are in.

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