Sunday, February 22, 2009

Western New York Hidden Experts?

Are you a expert? Do you live in Western New York? tell the Buffalo News who you are.
The Buffalo News has an opportunity to share your expertise and amazingness.

Do you know any local 'hidden experts' ?

     We're lucky in Western New York. We live in a place filled with talented people who know an awful lot about all kinds of subjects.
     Many of these experts don't have high-profile names. They are under the radar -- some people know and rave about their expertise, but a lot of people have never heard of them.

     In the Spotlight cover story in today's Buffalo News, six of these "hidden experts" from all over the Buffalo region were profiled. We met a shoe-sizing specialist, a skin care expert, a woman who knows all about New York State salamanders, a feng shui practitioner, and more.

     But we know our list wasn't complete.

     So now we're turning to you. Who do you know, with vast expertise in a particular subject in Western New York? Who's on your short list of "hidden experts"?

     Tell us all about them, and where to find them.

     -- Charity Vogel

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