Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Success Requires a Leadership Plan

Found this clip from The Lean Thinker Thoughts and insights from the shop floor.

This post pulled me in with its 8 steps which are effective for leadership as well as establishing a plan for success....to read the entire post

clipped from theleanthinker.com

Still, a few organizations are trying to drive change into the way they
operate, and many more will fail than succeed.

The reasons why this is true were articulated by John Kotter back in 1995 in
his now classic article Leading
Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail

The short list is:

  1. Establishing a sense of urgency.
  2. Forming a powerful guiding coalition.
  3. Creating a vision.
  4. Communicating the vision. (Over-communicating!)
  5. Empowering others to act on the vision.
  6. Planning for and creating short-term wins.
  7. Consolidating improvements and producing still more change.
  8. Institutionalizing new approaches.

The question, then, becomes “Are you deploying effective countermeasures
against these known failure points?”

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