Monday, April 20, 2009

Team-Building With a Purpose - Interview from

Michael Cardus was recently interviewed by about Team-Building With a Purpose: Savvy entrepreneurs design team bonding programs that keep their employees motivated.

Below is a piece of the article:

"Create-Learning Team Building conducted the activity as part of a two-day company wide staff development meeting, with the company’s values of customer service and open communication were emphasized throughout. In one game, Project Rollerball, employees were divided into six functional team units to design and execute a solution to a business challenge. “The aim of the project is to deliver customer satisfaction and an excellent product in a profitable and sustainable way by being able to communicate and operate with flexibility across different functions and areas,” Sheridan says.
In debriefing the exercise, discussions of customer service and communication came up again and again. “It was a good reminder of some simple but easily forgotten principles,” Sheridan says. “I am sure there were some eye rolls but once we got started with the activities people had fun. During the debriefs, it was obvious that the objectives and lessons were understood by everyone. It was a good change of pace versus meetings and presentations and it got the points across.” read entire article

-Michael Cardus is the founder of Create-Learning-Team Building, an experiential based training and development consulting organization, as well as a blogger for TeamBuilding NY. Mike specializes in team development and leadership development consulting and training, creating team-building programs that retain talented staff members, increase production and effectiveness of your team. He lives in Buffalo, NY, and travels to you to serve your team-building and leadership training needs, wherever and whenever fits your schedule.