Friday, April 24, 2009

TeamBuilding for Youth and Youth Leadership Program

TeamBuilding Program for School Group + Youth Leadership Program:

Sample agenda that Create-Learning developed for a school group. The students benefited greatly from the hands on nature as well as the creation of a shared school community.
In this Team Building program 20 students were chosen to receive Leadership Development programming, following our initial time together. Each student of the 20 student leadership team planned, developed, instituted and reported the results of projects to enhance the schools student and faculty environment.
To learn more about those projects and to ask about instituting these ideas into your school curriculum contact us.

Youth Team / Student Development Overview:

The Schools students needs skills in trust amongst students and school faculty, effective communication, conflict resolution, pro-social behaviors to enhance their lives as well as the culture of their school.

The school is currently focusing on these areas and would like some additional programs to further enhance their skill development.

Youth Team / Student Development Objectives:

The objectives for this project include;
- Increasing pro-social skills amongst the students
- Allow for students to create new friendships
- Strengthen School student community
- Improve self-esteem of students to allow for greater scholastic risk taking

Value to the School District from Youth / Student Development Program:

The value to the school district will include;
- Increased student involvement
- Decreased rates of bullying amongst students
- Increased scholastic risk taking
- New skills in problem solving
- Enhanced self-esteem of students
- Greater team work between students

Youth / Student Development: TeamBuilding Methodology:

We will lead student development programs for the students
Using Experiential Learning Cycle, Team Development, Creative Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution and various other models. The students will be engaged in a fully learner centered program. All programs will be interactive and the students will be moving and engaged the majority of the time.

Additionally we will work with the students to establish behavior guidelines within the programs, and facilitate the students to transfer skills gained into the classroom and home lives.
We will develop, administer and report student self evaluations. We will report the data to administrative staff periodically at a time TBD.

Following the initial student development programs will go to a Ropes Course facility, to utilize their high and low challenge elements.
Create-Learning-Team Building will lead workshops in the classroom prior to the ropes course, and following the ropes course. These workshops will last approximately one class period in each of the classes.

The in class workshops will be facilitated to allow the students and faculty to gain the greatest transference of learning possible from the ropes course experience.
Additionally Create-Learning facilitators will be on-site at the ropes course contracting, facilitating, and coordinating the initiatives for the students.
Student Leadership Overview:

Following the initial program(s) the school chooses a cross section of 15-20 students and also assigns a faculty member, who would benefit greatest from leadership and team development. These 20 students would receive small group facilitation and intense development of pro-social behaviors as well as problem solving and critical thinking skills.
Create-Learning will facilitate 20 hours.
Additionally these 20 students will go to a Ropes Course and be led through skills in developing trust and problem solving amongst peer groups. Each program and student development workshop will be customized to best serve the students and faculty.
To Facilitate your School Student Development / Team Building Program.

-Michael Cardus is the founder of Create-Learning-Team Building, an experiential based training and development consulting organization, as well as a blogger for TeamBuilding NY. Mike specializes in team development and leadership development consulting and training, creating team-building programs that retain talented staff members, increase production and effectiveness of your team. He lives in Buffalo, NY, and travels to you to serve your team-building and leadership training needs, wherever and whenever fits your schedule.