Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Creativity to Innovation Program

Creativity to Innovation Program Overview:

For the team members and departments to remain competitive in today and tomorrow’s business environment they must develop skills in creative ideas and then talents to transfer these ideas into innovative practices within organizations.
In addition to opening their personal perceptions of creativity and innovation the team members also must have talents in effectively leading others to inspire innovative products, processes and solutions into existing business models.

Program Objectives:

The objectives for this project include;
· Learn the
5 Roles of a Leader in a Creative and Innovative Organization
· Gain skills into effectively transferring creative ideas into innovative practices
· Learn a variant method of
brainstorming and selection of best solutions
· Find creative solutions to current situations
· Have Fun!

Value to Organization from Creativity to Innovation Program:

The value to the Business will include;
· Immediate skills and techniques to increase creativity within individual, teams, and organizations
· Talents in effectively leading creative and innovative organizations
· Creative Solutions to current situations.

Creativity to Innovation Program Methodology:

Using a mixture of Creative Problem Solving Model(s) and Brain Based Leadership Theories, the participants will be facilitated to find solutions to existing organizational situations.
The workshop will be highly interactive and learner centered.

We will begin with an experiential exploration of the
5 Roles of a Leader in Creative and Innovative Organizations.

Then, an introduction to the Creative Problem Solving Model developed by Alex Osborne and Sidney Parnes.

Ending our time with learning simulations to test the application of the Creative Process, and effectively transferring our creative ideas into innovative solutions.

With the additional time the workshop will take a deeper exploration of Creativity to Innovation.

In the workshops we will;

Introduce Chaos - a session on rule breaking, pattern smashing, some chaos and creativity. This frees participants up from the usual way of approaching problems or challenges and demonstrates how to inject energy to achieve your goals.

Identify Obstacles - Further shifting the participants’ paradigm to explore solutions and shift their neural synapses to explore and open new possibilities.

Ideas Grid (AKA. Forced Grid Matrix) - Generating and refining potential action steps to move the solutions through acceptance and into implementation.

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