Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TeamBuilding Develops Dedication

Great post from my friends at TeamBonding;

The point that rings loud is that organizations that are investing in their employees are building a powerful force.

Are you investing in talent management and your team?

clipped from teambonding.com

Just the other day I was reading a meeting publication which included team building in the “hot trends” for 2009-10 and rightfully so. We have all been through an experience of a lifetime we are now coming out of it and as one of my colleagues Trent Schumann said in a new Linked in group for team building providers, “Interestingly enough, the companies that were already focusing on employee engagement are doing even more of it. They are using this as an opportunity to increase loyalty and raid their competitors’ disillusioned high performers. As soon as the turnaround happens, they’ll have a dedicated and tuned team ready to take advantage of it, while their competitors will be scrambling to hire and build new teams.”

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