Saturday, February 13, 2010

Leadership Levels have Different Indicators of Success


leadership indicator

An amazing graphic representation of the indicators of successful leadership necessities.

Illustrating that as people progress through their leadership careers the skills they need do not remain static.

At the executive level, for example, directive leadership actually played a negative role. Empowering leadership is what is required at this level. Although a top-down, command and- control approach proved to be counterproductive, neither supportiveness nor abrasiveness differentiated the effectiveness of executives at this level. That is, interpersonal skills are not as important at the top as they are at other managerial levels. Interestingly, work-life balance proved to correlate negatively with effectiveness, confirming what most executives already assume: anything less than full devotion to the job may compromise results….to read original article from Korn / Ferry Briefings on Talent & Leadership.

One area that is common to all is a need for the skill in “Learning Agility”. This indicates that for effective leadership (as well in life) the ability to learn and apply the new learning is across the board is necessary.

Does your leadership culture encourage learning agility?

What are your thoughts about the negative indicator of the work / life balance of executive leaders?

Graph from Korn / Ferry Briefings on Talent & Leadership.

Michael Cardus