Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Excite me - or Stay home

From Seth Godin's Blog
"If you're a knowledge worker, your boss shouldn't make you come to the (expensive) office every day unless there's something there that makes it worth your trip. She needs to provide you with resources or interactions or energy you can't find at home or at Starbucks. And if she does invite you in, don't bother showing up if you're just going to sit quietly.
I've worked in three companies that had lots of people and lots of cubes, and I spent the entire day walking around. I figured that was my job. The days where I sat down and did what looked like work were my least effective days. It's hard for me to see why you'd bother having someone come all the way to an office just to sit in a cube and type.
The new rule seems to be that if you're going to spend the time and the money to see someone face to face, be in their face. Interact or stay home!"

DO SOMETING! Make noise, shake the walls, The days of being a good soldier and sitting to fill your 8 hours and leave are done. If you are not making a difference you might as well be sitting at home. Many organizations need to shift to engage employees in interactive and productive ways. Especially with the rising costs of travel.