Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Visualize Your Training

Brain Rules for Presenters

From: garr, 2 days ago

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I came across this slide share post on a blog Presentation Zen I am constantly amazed at how presenters - some are incredibly knowledgeable lose an audience with overwhelming slides of too many bullet points. I especially like the connection between movement and retention. Create-Learning Team Building follows this theory. Audiences retain images and emotions NOT words and bullet point. The same points can be made by explaining yourself and telling compelling stories mixed with interactive out of your seat activities.

Additionally one theory that I have been putting into practice since I first found Garr Reynolds is going analog (off line) to create your presentation. I spend almost over 3/4 of the time planning and reviewing objectives. Drawing how I want the slides and working out the emotions I wish for the participants to feel. Only after I have a solid progression written (with pencil and paper) do I go online and work with power point and word documents.