Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Team Building Activities put a new Face on Physical Education

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These are some lines taken from Edutopia
"All the Right Moves: Fresh Methods to Keep Kids Active Roll over, dodgeball. Bold new activities put the fizz back in phys ed."

Above is a video displaying Team Building Activities in School. How Experiential - Team Building Activities inspire Leadership and community building in schools.

Physical Education budgets being cut - What I personally enjoyed was the mention of challenge courses, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools trying new ideas by changing the face of Physical Education Curriculum.

"Let's go to the Adventure Room." Clearly, magic words. Suddenly, the kids perk up; their interest level takes a multi-generational jump forward to an exercise regime that is as new PE as the jumping jacks are old."

"Go to your climbing stations," the kids respond with a start-your-engines kick that erases the impression left by the lackadaisical warm-ups. The room swirls into controlled chaos as kids grab helmets and safety harnesses. After six weeks of ground-based skill and safety training, each member of the class has an objective that matches his or her interest and skill level. Bill Monti's motto, "Challenge by Choice," is still the Adventure Room's credo."

"Within minutes, a tribe of fearless junior Spider-men defies gravity on the way up, over, and along artificial rock faces. With the period ending, kids seem reluctant to come back to earth. After class, Healy notes that the Adventure Curriculum, a requirement for San Rafael High School freshmen since 2006, has become a favorite of teachers as well as students. "One instructor came up to tell me that her freshmen were acting more grounded and mature than seniors who never had the chance to take the course," she adds."

"The PE crisis is real and undeniable, so much so that America has reached one of those fitness moments of truth that periodically bring calls for a new PE back into national focus. In the 1970s, the focus was on movement education, centering on kinesthetic exercise. In the '80s, reforms involved a number of subspecialties such as applied exercise science, exercise physiology, sport pedagogy, and fitness and wellness training. Recently, the newest new PE has focused on humanics, a philosophy that views physical education as the only subject that engages all three of the critical domains of education: the cognitive, the spiritual, and the physical."

Read the entire article - Ropes Courses and Team Building Programs for Schools.

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