Monday, December 8, 2008

Millennials Responsible for Training

Interesting article for Generation Y -

Who is responsible for training and development of team members?

According to this article millennials should be responsible for their own training. The days of getting a job with little to no experience and then your employer investing money for you to get trained may soon be over.

Leave Comments, I would be very interested to hear what you feel the future of training and development within organizations will be. Is your team doing anything different about training the Generation Y and Millennials who are entering your workforce?

Say goodbye to that entry level position with upward advancement. Unless the
training is incredibly superficial, employers will want mercinary employees to
have the skills necessary to perform the job today. Struggling
internal development and promotion programs will be seeing more of their budget
going into recruiting as the cost of turnover is fully realized.

That seems a little unfair: how will I be able to advance without getting
real experience and increase in responsibilities if I am not going to learn any
new skills or be afforded any training? You’ll figure out a way optimistic
Gen Y’er!

Why would companies do that? Simple math. If they consider putting you
through a $5,000 training program or OTJ rotation schedule, that’s rolling the
dice on you staying long enough for them to make up that cost.

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