Friday, February 20, 2009

Innovation and NASA: What are you doing to kill new ideas within you team?

Does your organization "walk the talk" with innovation?

Astronaut's Video Satirizes NASA Bureaucracy
by Nell Greenfieldboyce

Raising Awareness
The film shows how innovation-blocking behaviors are "all too common" at the space center.
Thomas says he put the little movie together using a borrowed camera and his home computer. The actors are employees of either NASA or its contractors. Last summer, they all worked on a team project organized by Johnson Space Center's senior management as part of a larger effort to enhance innovation and open-mindedness.

"They were told to be creative not only in their approach to answering the questions they were asked, but also to be creative in the way that they presented their findings and recommendations," says Debbie Denton, manager for diversity and special projects at the center's human resources office.

Thomas and his teammates were specifically asked to look for reasons why new ideas get ignored or blocked. "And I wanted to try and capture those in a way that people would understand, in a way that would resonate," says Thomas.

- To read entire article - Astronaut's Video Satirizes NASA Bureaucracy

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