Friday, February 27, 2009

Items that were on my desk when I was Terminated

Personal Team Building Consultant story; Some of you who read my blog know that before I started Create-Learning-Team Building I worked as the Workforce Development-Team Building Director for a local conference center.

Things did not end well between the them and me. If you want to hear that story contact me. I am rather transparent in the story (although realize it will be biased.)

I was abruptly asked to not return to my former employer. I had many, many team building and personal objects that were left there. When I asked my former boss about getting my objects back he yelled some incoherent phrase and hung up the phone. So I had to contact Human Resources at the corporate level.

I made a list of all the personal belongings that were still on site. Since then I have recieved many yet still not all the items below.

Here is this list. Enjoy!

-Several Field Guide books (book shelf of cubicle)
-Outdoor living skills books (book shelf of cubicle)
-Team Building and Facilitation books (book shelf of cubicle)
-Two 3 ring binders about Experiential Education (book shelf of cubicle: on loan)
-Insect Net (on top of my cubicle)
-Personal photos (back right of desk: one framed Christine and I)
-Insect magnets (on the metal sliding drawers and over head shelf, one on the inside of top left drawer)
-Cactus (on desk)
-Yellow tool box (next to books on book shelf of cubicle: contains insect viewing boxes and owl pellets)
-3 Glass insect jars; 1 contains a Dragonfly Niad exoskeleton and a Mature dragonfly, 1 contains a Sand Hills Hornet, 1 contains a petrified Anole (book shelf of cubicle)
-Box of team building and other activity cards (book shelf of cubicle)
-Black EMS Soft Shell fleece pullover (large lower left hand drawer)
-"Knock Knock" Corporate Flashcards (book shelf of cubicle)
-Red and Black Swimming Trunks (underneath desk)
-Petzl head lamp with red, green, and clear filter (not positive of exact location, possibly top or middle left drawer)
-Gerber Multi-tool, in Gerber Multi-tool carrying case (not positive of exact location, possibly top or middle drawer)
-Green LL Bean Winter Gloves (lower left hand drawer)

Experiential Learning Center (ELC) Building:
-Black EMS pullover fleece with snap buttons (not positive of exact location, possibly hanging up with other jackets)
-Red EMS pullover fleece with zipper (not positive of exact location, possibly hanging up with other jackets)
-Lycra Tube inside a Stuff Sack (on left side peg board)
-Carl Jung Action Figure (on book shelf in ELC)
-Cleopatra Action Figure (on book shelf in ELC)
-Monkey Heads (3 ??) (inside pipe line bag, and inside red, green and other buckets)
-Devil Ducks (inside throw-ables bucket, and inside red, green and other buckets)
-Squeaky Rats (inside throw-able bucket, and inside red, green and other buckets)
-Various smaller size throwables and small people (inside throwable buckets, and inside red, green and other buckets)
-Sticky Rats in a plastic bag (in lower drawer of file cabinet)
-Two Monkey Zip Change purses containing various smaller objects (on book shelf)
-Sticky fake poop (book shelf)
-Sticky fake finger (book shelf)
-other sticky fake things (on book shelf)
-Metal Puzzles (book shelf)
-Box of Items from Archie Mcphee (next to first aid bag on the floor under the harnesses)
-Tent and tent spikes (tent spikes are separate on the book shelf tent is on top right of storage top shelf)
-Zoom Book (book shelf: un-laminated pages are Mike's)
-Rock Rings (on back peg board behind static climbing ropes)
-Red Tool Box contains ~ 130 - 150 knives (top of book shelf)
-One pair of sneakers (back corner by indoor cable set-up)
-5 "Boss Toss" Catapults (book shelf)
-Plastic bin container ~ 75 miniature bosses (book shelf)
-Portable Reflexology Path w/ carrying case, DVD, and paper instructions (back peg board behind helmets)

I read this list and reflect upon how amazing my job is.

Thank you for supporting me in my dedication to facilitate your team to reach and exceed its potential.

My dedication is really to your success. I have had the opportunity through Create-Learning to reach out to the community and serve their leadership and team development needs in ways I never dreamed possible. Losing that job at the conference center was the greatest thing that could have happened!

What is your favorite item from the list?

Please share items that you have lost from other jobs, and things that former employers have kept of yours.
Please share how you life has been affected in a positive and / or negative way be being terminated or leaving a job.
I would love to hear about it.

-Michael Cardus is the founder of Create-Learning-Team Building, an experiential based training and development consulting organization, as well as a blogger for TeamBuilding NY. Mike specializes in team development and leadership development consulting and training, creating team-building programs that retain talented staff members, increase production and effectiveness of your team. He lives in Buffalo, NY, and travels to you to serve your team-building and leadership training needs, wherever and whenever fits your schedule.