Thursday, February 26, 2009

Team Building at Night. View your team in a new perspective for change.

Night Vision

Night Vision is a program that can be implemented into your teams overnight retreat, and off-site conference program.

• Communication
• Trust
• Conflict Management
• Know Others Better

This program is designed to create an environment that encourages group members to address sensitive issues that may be difficult or impossible to bring up around the
conference table.

These issues include trust, conflict, leadership, and communication.
This program allows participants to address issues while never seeing another
participant’s face or mannerisms.

Groups will be led on a journey through complete darkness - only the moon and stars to provide light.

Through dynamic group activities and time for personal reflection, participants are challenged physiologically and intellectually to take responsibility for behaviors and attitudes that are present.

Create-Learnings Night Vision is an opportunity to build the team outside of the office.
This allows the team members to share ideas or engage in tough discussions while
breathing fresh night air and stimulating the senses.

A full processing of the evening activities follow this program.

The time spent walking and talking translates to better relationships, heightened creativity, and team member effectiveness.




to facilitate your Conference Center Retreat
Off-Site Meeting
Conference and Event

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-Michael Cardus is the founder of Create-Learning-Team Building, an experiential based training and development consulting organization, as well as a blogger for TeamBuilding NY. Mike specializes in team development and leadership development consulting and training, creating team-building programs that retain talented staff members, increase production and effectiveness of your team. He lives in Buffalo, NY, and travels to you to serve your team-building and leadership training needs, wherever and whenever fits your schedule.