Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program Overview:
The organization has a need for leadership development.

The leaders will benefit from the ability to effectively delegate tasks and hold others accountable for success and failures. Additionally the current leadership has an unknown fear to take risks that may move the organization to a new level.

Program Objectives:

The objectives for this project include;
· Leadership Development
· Task delegation
· Calculated risk taking
· Agreement to decision making within team
· Accountability of actions within the Leadership Team
· Implementation of leadership project(s)

Value to Organization from Leadership Development Program:

The value to organization will include;
· Improved and new programs to implement within the organization
· Faster implementation of decisions made by Leadership Team
· A model for other team member who may be interested in developing leadership skills.

Leadership Development Program Methodology:

We will facilitate the participants to effectively develop, plan and institute projects within their current programs.
Each of these projects will have an overarching reach into the organizational goals and mission as a whole.

A focus will be on the ability of the individuals within the leadership team to openly discuss their perspectives on the issues and projects that they have chosen.

A second area of focus will be on the team member’s ability and necessity to delegate project directives to their direct reports.

We will facilitate the team members on how to effectively delegate, hold accountable, and create an absorptive capacity for new ideas and change with the organization.

Allowing the team to have a greater understanding of all the individual perspectives they will be able to institute the best option for success.

We will meet regularly with members of the team over a 6 month period.

Meetings will include one-on-one (Michael and the Team member)
All program participants
Organizational Executive & Administrative Leadership will also be included when their input is necessary to the project.

Additionally we will partner participants of the team together to create an individual accountability model. Team members will have to chart and record their progress, set-backs, learned failures, delegation, and success on a weekly basis. These reports will be read by Create-Learning and the team partners that will be assigned.

At the conclusion of the project each team member must present their work and findings to the Organizations’ Executive Team. As well as turn in a documented policy and procedure manual for their project.

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