Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Motivates Greatness?

Intrinsic Motivation

A Team Building activity that lasts 30 minutes to inspire and empower teams and individual to focus and determine what motivates then to do great work.

This team building initiative uses an activity called *rope handcuffs, Also Known as Infinite loops or shackles.
A) Ask the group to get into teams of three.
The individuals spend 5-10 minutes sharing and discussing what motivates them to greatness.
Ask them to share motivation that is internal -
how they started their business?
What keeps them going when challenges arise?
What are some challenges they have overcome?
etc... Ask the groups to briefly share what they spoke about.

B) Then speak about overcoming challenges that appear impossible although with assistance and motivation from a network (the group that is here with you today) we can take our level of expertise and amplify it - with help.
Pride causes us to not ask for help when needed. We feel that we built this thing (business etc...) we can do it alone, and often time our motivation for greatness causes blind spots that we are not aware of. Although greatness comes to those who admit that they need help and learned from the mistakes and successes of others.

Spend about 10 minutes speaking about challenge, motivation, and helping others.

C) Have enough Rope Handcuffs available for one for each participant.
Ask the teams of three to connect themselves.
For a team of three you are just adding one person to one of the participants ropes.
Explain that this team building initiative takes motivation to work through what appears to be impossible problems.

This team building activity is not complete until all the groups are separate. (By adding that all groups must be successful leaves a processing time at the end of helping others reach success).

D) If you notice teams are struggling - I generally walk into the crowd with a rope on my own wrists and start illustrating the solution VERY FAST to random teams. (This concept of teaching a confusing concept fast - develops a teachable moment of how as leaders we feel we are helping, when those whom we are helping have no idea of what we are speaking about)

F) After about 15 minutes tell teams that are still attached to stay attached while you process the time together.

G) Possible processing questions;
What was the goal?
Was the goal achieved?
Why or why not?
Where did the team find motivation?
Where did individuals find motivation?
Where was the breakthrough moment?
When the fun stopped describe your thoughts?
How, as a business person, do you solve challenging problems?
Did you accept help when it was offered?
Did you offer help?
What does helping others have to do with motivation?
When can motivation block you from achieving success?
What can we learn from this?

H) Show them how to free themselves.

I) explain that motivation is a great concept - helping others to achieve and find their motivation creates cultures that are internally motivated and more profitable.

- To see a team building program write up of ropes cuffs

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