Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Team Work is the single biggest advantage for success

Patrick Lencioni author of 5 Dysfunctions of a Team speaks about team development in an interview with Success Magazine.

I agree Teamwork is a necessary component of any organizations competitive advantage. When you have a team, a true team, the speed of implementation, completion of greatness as well as your retention of talent and dedication of the staff increases exponentially. To develop these team talents a focus on team work must be included in the metrics and evaluations of the team members success. It is easy for the leader to state "We need to work as a team" the challenge is implementing accountability for team work.

When the team work function is placed into the accountability of performance the organization will see people helping others out, increases in collaboration, even increased creative ideas and innovative processes.

Teamwork gets a lot of lip service in business. Is teamwork really as
critical for success relative to other disciplines like technology or

I honestly believe that the single biggest competitive
advantage that a company can pursue today is getting its leaders on the same
page. I’m not implying that other disciplines aren’t important—they are. But the
truth is that without effective teamwork, without a cohesive group of people
leading an organization, a company cannot begin to tap into the potential that
it has in any other areas.
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Came across this from Andrew Long's I love TeamBuilding

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