Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Large Group Team Building

Video of 60 in 60 that Create-Learning led with University at Rochester, NY - Simon School of Business MBA Class. Large Group Team Building in Rochester NY with 100+ people.

60 in 60 overview

- The Group is split into teams of 20 to 25 people.

The intention of 60 in 60 is problem solving, collaboration, and sharing ideas.
Each large group is supplied with a beach ball and asked to split in half, with half on one side of a line and the other half on the other side. Teams gain points by catching the beach ball that is thrown from one side to the other. The teams must have all people throw and receive the beach ball.

Smaller groups work to produce a process that will allow them the most possible points in a limited time.

Multiple groups working at the same time - will it be competitive or collaborative?

Within this activity there is a hope that the groups share best practices.

this activity is from Sam Sikes excellent book "The More the Merrier"

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