Monday, March 9, 2009

Team Decision Making Program

This is a sample Team Building Program that was created for a Non-Profit Health Care organization. The focus is on decision making amongst the internal teams.
This program can be customized to fit both for profit and not for profit clients.

Program Overview:

Facilitating communication and increased effectiveness of staff and the population served.
Communication and unified decision making within the team is necessary to the success of the organization.
The team must continually enhance their communication and decision making skills to effectively care for and serve clients.
Another focus area is the trust and communication of client to staff member.
For clients to actualize and become successful and satisfied in the roles of their choice, a comfort level of trust and compassion must exist.

This area of trusting and communication will enhance the already excellent staff and clients within the organization.

Objectives for Program:

The objectives for this project include;
· Strengthened connection between staff and clients
· Unified decision making amongst staff
· Increased levels of trust with staff and clients
· Building of self-esteem with team members
· Actualizing success and learning from set-backs
· Open sharing of support within the community

Measurement(s) of Program:

Our metrics will include;
· Program evaluations
· The Team Leaders and Create-Learning will develop a pre-assessment prior to the program
· The Team Leaders and Create-Learning will develop a post-assessment immediately following the program
· The Team Leaders and Create-Learning will develop a post-assessment to be administered approximately 3 months and 6 months following end of program time.

Value to Organization:

The value to the organization will include;
· Unified model for decision making
· Trust within the staff
· Change that is agreed upon for the best interest of the team
· Increased staff retention

Team Development Program Methodology:

Create-Learning will lead team building and communication based initiatives
We will facilitate the organization through initiatives and reflections on improving trust and communication within the program.
A focus will be on creating and maintaining Self-Directed behaviors.
With Self-Directed behaviors the focus is on choice and acceptance of choice.
The participants will gain communication and trust.

Additionally we will facilitate the participants through a decision making model. This model can be transferred into the program model already being used by the team and organization.
The participants will have an understanding of;
· How their choices affect themselves
· How their choices affect others
· As well as a model to decrease the amount of time to make choices within the team.
We will utilize a “Harm-Reduction” model focusing on small improvement(s) over a long period becoming large improvements. Additionally keeping a focus of what is working at the moment as opposed to what is not working.

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